Is Roof Rejuvenation Worth It?

Homeowners have increasingly been asking themselves the question: is roof rejuvenation worth it? Given the costs and effort involved with maintaining their home, this question is an apt one.

What is it? Well, roof rejuvenation is a process which extends the lifespan of roofs – potentially saving money and time over time. Let’s examine its specifics further so you can decide whether this treatment option suits you.

Understanding Roof Rejuvenation

Roof rejuvenation typically involves applying a treatment spray or coating to an existing roof in order to restore some of the original qualities, making it more weather resistant and durable. An increasingly popular modern option involves using a soybean oil roof coating such as Greener Shingles. It’s an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals or outright roof replacement.

Does Roof Rejuvenation Work?

Fine, you say, roof rejuvenation sounds pretty interesting – but does it work? The answer largely depends on both your roof’s condition and the quality of the rejuvenation process. When properly done, it can significantly rejuvenate shingles by restoring flexibility while protecting from elements – adding years to its lifespan.

The most important factor with roof rejuvenation is the status of your granules. Granules are the sand-like material that sticks to the bitumen shingle and provide most of the protection for the roof. While the shingle itself takes up most of the volume, the granules are what allow the shingle to last. As long as you still have an adequate number of granules, roof rejuvenation works great.

The process is simple: a restorative soybean oil-based product is sprayed on your roof, replenishing the natural oils that are lost due to wind, UV rays, and other factors. This then allows the granules to stick for a much longer period of time. In fact, Greener Shingles has been shown via research to extend the life of a roof by 5-15 years or more. It’s just a scientific fact!

Considerations for Roof Rejuvenation Cost

As with any home service, considering roof rejuvenation cost is crucial. Most homeowners are aware that full roof replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even where insurance can help defray the cost, insurance deductibles can often run into the thousands of dollars. In short – replacement is very expensive.

Roof rejuvenation is much more economical. For example, the use of Greener Shingles usually costs about 85 percent less than a roof replacement. Cost can vary depending upon the size of the roof, of course, but it’s going to be less.

Roofing Treatment: Pros and Cons

Like any home improvement project, roofing rejuvenation comes with pros and cons.

On one hand, the roof treatment spray of something like Greener Shingles can extend your roof’s lifespan by a decade or more, improve its appearance tremendously, and even increase energy efficiency. It’s also environmentally friendly, safe for people, pets, and plants, and prevents shingles from taking up space in landfills.

That said, there are a few cons to be aware of. Chief among these is that not every roof qualifies for rejuvenation. A roof that is on its last legs without granules to save, or where the shingles have been blown off due to severe storms, probably won’t gain anything from an application of Greener Shingles. Additionally, severe structural damage can also disqualify a roof. All that said, if a new roof is indeed the answer, roof rejuvenation applied to a new roof can help extend the life of those shingles.

For some, spending any money on their roof feels unnecessary. However, it’s sort of like with an automobile: could you imagine what would happen if you didn’t change the oil on your car? How far would you make it before major issues cropped up?

We don’t often think of roof maintenance in the same vein as car maintenance, but we should. Roof replacement, like a blown engine, is far more expensive than proper maintenance. With an application of this product, it’s possible to keep the roof doing its job for years to come.

Refresh Roof Aesthetics

Science says that we form an impression in seconds, and that’s true not just of people, but of material items as well. The home is our greatest single material statement – it’s where we spend more time than any other place.

It’s also true that when people look at our home, or even when we ourselves do, we form a mental impression. That may not matter if you live on a farm, but in a busy neighborhood, or in preparation to sell a home, it can matter a lot.

Other than the front of the house facing the street, the roof is the biggest thing you see when looking at a house. If it’s faded, worn, and discolored from neglect, the home takes on a tinge of dinginess. If it’s well maintained and relatively uniform looking, the home appears much fresher and nicer.

Back to the car analogy: could you imagine driving around in a car covered in mud? Unless you were an off-road enthusiast, most would feel it inappropriate and unsightly. That’s why car washes (and waxes, and so many other detailing products and services) exist for cars.

Well, Greener Shingles is like that but for your home. It helps maintain what your home had – either when you bought it, or when it was new – a roof that’s beautiful, clean, and protective.

An effective roof rejuvenation project can make an old roof appear like new. It’s astonishing to most who have seen it, as the transformation takes only hours.

Making Your Decision

Roof rejuvenation may be the ideal option for you if your roof is in good to fair condition but beginning to show signs of age. It’s a cost-effective and eco-friendly option that can increase your roof’s lifespan significantly.

Scientific research shows that Greener Shingles can increase roof lifespan by 5-15 years or more – and costs only a fraction of a new roof. The return on investment is massive for the homeowner, and the difference to the environment versus full roof replacement is massive, too.

There’s a reason why this process is one of the fastest growing home service markets in the United States. Interest is skyrocketing as homeowners learn that they can truly have it all – a lower cost option to improve their roof that’s better for the environment and safe for them, too. It’s a real win-win.

Conclusion: Rejuvenation is a Great Option

Roof rejuvenation can be a valuable investment for many homeowners. It provides an effective means of prolonging the lifespan and appearance of a roof while helping create a greener environment.

Before making any definitive decisions, thorough research must be conducted along with consultation from professionals and consideration of its condition prior to reaching any decisions. Remember, keeping a well-kept roof secures and protects both you and your home!

Of course, if you have any questions, we’re happy to help. We’ll even inspect your roof at no cost to you – because we care about making this option available to more folks.

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