Roof Restoration in Houston With Greener Shingles and Roof Maxx 

Roof rejuvenation is a new and exciting process that honors environmental sustainability and the need to maintain our residential roofing structures. 

Two names stand out among the many services that promise to give new life to old roofs — Greener Shingles and Roof Maxx. Houston and surrounding communities are served by both of these companies’ products. Both are leaders in the nascent Houston roof restoration industry, promising homeowners the opportunity to rejuvenate their roof at a fraction of the cost of new.

Roof Magic is proud to use and endorse the Greener Shingles product, which we have chosen for its exceptional environmental benefits, end-user savings, and durability of application. However, it is worth noting that both Greener Shingles and Roof Maxx (as well as many other products) provide benefits to those who choose them. Ultimately, the homeowner should make their decision not just on product, but also based upon their local distributor.

In this article, we’ll explain why the Greener Shingles technology represents a tremendous leap forward for home maintenance as we know it. 

Greener Shingles Protects the Environment

  • Material Conservation: Roof rejuvenation products such as Greener Shingles and Roof Maxx restore existing roof shingles. They help to conserve materials by targeting the problem.
  • Less Landfill Waste: By extending the life of roof shingles, the Greener Shingles formula helps to reduce the amount of roofing materials waste that goes into landfills. This benefit is vital to our collective efforts towards environmental conservation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Greener Shingles’ effective roof sealing contributes to better energy efficiency.

Greener Shingles Saves Lots of Money

  • The cost of a new roof in Houston can be huge. We want to make sure that homeowners are not burdened by a new roof they can’t afford when it’s possible to get their roof restored and rejuvenated instead. Roof Magic’s Greener Shingles application allows homeowners to save a huge amount of money over a Houston new roof cost.
  • Long-term Savings: The initial cost of Greener Shingles can be offset by long-term savings from not having to replace a roof. The cost of a Roof Magic application of Greener Shingles is only about 15 percent of the cost of a new roof. Homeowners have plenty of other things to pay for; why spend all that money on a new roof unnecessarily?
  • Lower Labor Costs: Our streamlined application process for Greener Shingles is markedly faster and requires fewer personnel than a full roof replacement, ensuring that the homeowner’s dollar goes towards the actual product itself.
  • Extended Lifespan: By rejuvenating and securing the roof shingles, Greener Shingles prolongs the life of the roof. Research indicates that Greener Shingles may prolong roof life by more than 10 years!

Superior Roof Sealing: Shield against the Elements

  • Improved Waterproofing The penetrative seal provided by Greener Shingles helps to prevent water damage that might occur if granules are weakly bound to the shingle. Given the amount of rain in the Houston area each year, it’s essential to make sure that shingles are as robust as possible.
  • Increased weather resistance: Improved roof sealing increases the roof’s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions of all types – not just rain and water damage. It’s important to remember that most roof damage isn’t due to extreme weather such as severe hail or high wind events, but ordinary deterioriation. Your roof will be in better shape to withstand the elements with Roof Magic’s application of Greener Shingles. 

Easy Application: Fast and Convenient Roof Rejuvenation

  • Time Efficiency : The application of Greener Shingles has been designed to be simple and quick. This allows homeowners to enjoy a revitalized roof faster than with replacement. It can even take place in a little as a couple of hours!
  • Simplified Application Process: The application process is simplified, which means that fewer things can go wrong. With total roof replacement, unexpected occurrences relating to materials, labor, or weather can cause significant delays due to the size and scope of the project. Roof Magic’s process is much simpler and takes less than a day.

Performance and Durability – A Promise of Longevity

  • Long-lasting Impact: Greener Shingles’ formula is engineered to last as long as possible. This ensures that the roof will remain in optimal condition over a longer time period.f
  • Durable sealant The roof shingle sealing agent used by Greener Shingles is a durable product that will last for years. It offers a solution to homeowners who want to maintain their roofs. 

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